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David Fachman 

Columbus, Ohio

David founded PromoWest Productions, Inc. in 1984, which promotes and produces concerts and other events. As Vice-President and Co-Owner of the company, David was responsible for everyday operations as well as the technical production needs of the touring acts. David puts on approximately 250 performances and events each year, in venues ranging from small 1700-seat theaters to multi-day outdoor festivals with over 200,000 spectators.
In 1993, David founded The Scarefactory, Inc., a three-dimensional design and production studio that combines art and technology to create fantastic animated monsters and their environments.
PromoWest was one of three partners in the $22 million Polaris Amphitheater project in 1994. David worked on the project for most of the time it was being built. For the first season, he produced, among others, The Eagles, Janet Jackson, and Phil Collins.
David founded his first theme park in 1995, which he now owns with Six Flags.
The first catalog line of characters and props was released in 1996 by the Themed Attraction Industry.
Cameron was born on the 17th of July, 1997, to David and Alice. David is continuing to produce performances for U2's Popmart Tour and The Rolling Stones Bridges to Babylon Tour, including stadium dates for both. In 1998, SFX, Inc. bought the Polaris Amphitheater when the concert industry consolidated. In order to dedicate his whole focus to The Scarefactory, Inc., David sells his PromoWest shares.
Since 1998, the Scarefactory has served around 250 clients. A handful of our current clients include Disney, Universal Studios, Paramount Pictures, Ripley Entertainment, and Six Flags.

Edinburgh Dungeons and Dragon Quest, built for the 12th Duke and his family at Alnwick Castle in Northumberland, are significant UK projects.
In 2006, David was tasked with creating more than 180 pirates to advertise the new "Pirates of the Caribbean" ride and retail displays at Disney World, Disney Land, Disney Cruise ships, and flagship retail locations.
In 2008, David was approached by the History Channel to promote his company's unique design and fabrication capabilities.
In 2014, the company constructed and operated attractions in over 40 countries.
In 2017, the Company expanded once more to meet increased demand for its products and services, moving into larger 73,000 square-foot facilities.